Swiss Army Knife – Is it the Real Thing Or a Fake?

The Swiss Army knife has become an icon for quality, durability, and versatility. There is really no better knife available that will do what one of these knives does – and with impressive quality and craftsmanship. If you decide to purchase one of these fine knives, you need to educate yourself to the special features of the Swiss Army knife so you do not purchase a fake. oem knife manufacturers

The Swiss army knife is often copied by manufacturers of lesser quality and standards because the product is so highly respected and can often become a collector’s item over time. Here are a few tips for making sure the knife is authentic before you purchase it.

1. There are only two manufacturers of the authentic Swiss Army knife – Victorinox and Wenger. Victorinox was created by the owner of a surgical equipment company who was upset that knives supplied to Swiss troops were made in Germany. Wenger came along about one decade later as a competitor to Victorinox.
2. An authentic Swiss Army knife will have markings on the blade and exteriors identifying one of the two manufacturers mentioned above. If the blade or exterior parts of the knife have no markings or are identified as being produced by a different company, then the knife is not authentic.
3. Swiss Army knives have only been manufactured since 1891 so, if someone wants to sell you a “collector” knife that is older than that year, it is a fake.
4. Many fake Swiss Army knives will have a traditional looking cross which is passed off as being the official crest. However, Swiss Army knives will have what is called a ‘Swiss Cross” which is actually a symbol of the crossbow. Tradition has it that William Tell used the crossbow to shoot and kill the Austrian Governor to Switzerland at the time. This led to a revolution that eventually freed Switzerland from Austria. The use of the crossbow on any product is strictly regulated by the Swiss government as it reflects quality and national pride.
5. If you are thinking of purchasing the knife from a street vendor or someone you do not know, consider your decision. It is safest to purchase your knife from an authorized retailer which must be registered to sell Swiss Army knives. Ask the vendor for proof of registration as a Swiss Army knife retailer before you commit to the purchase.

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